Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Red itchiness.

Even though Tommie's gone, he's apparently left me a fair reminder of his stay here.
A reminder that bites, and leaves itchy red marks. Yes. As in. Bugs. Nasty lil ones.
Not just bothering me, but the entire household.
So now I'm getting yelled at whenever a new red itchy mark is detected on any of their skins. Or when I complain about any of my own. Huzzah.

I sprayed twice already, but somehow they're not budging.
The longer I'll spray, the more it'll be effective, nay?
They'll have to die, eventually... D;

On an entirely different note, this is the fifth day of fasting already.
Yes, already, as in damn that time went by flying.
Always happens. The day itself seems long as hell, but the month as a whole is over in a second.
And that's sad. At the end of it things are going to go nasty, because I know it.
One way or the other there'll be arguing, there'll be an unhappy party, and there'll be more arguing. Or even worse, the "I'm not talking to you anymore" symptom that comes with unhappiness and excessive arguing.
All I can do is decide whether I want to be selfish, or be sacrificing my own happiness.
Obviously, I really don't want this month to end.

The Gypsy.

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