Thursday, 6 August 2009

Blijdorp, Rotterdam

That was two days ago, beginning of the heatwave that's stuck for a good three days, today being the hottest of all. I don't want to move if I can help it xD Lazy as the lionesses I saw at the zoo.
It is not just a zoo, mind, as a sort park divided into the continents of the world.
About the closest you can get to any animal, basically, unless you have them in your own back yard. xD

I went with a friend of mine, Kim, who has this card thing that let go in for free because her study/job are linked to animals and animal care. Huzzah!
It was major fun :3

I have always known I was an animal lover, but I didn't know I loved quite that many animals xD
I seemed to have many many favourites, more so than even I could have told you beforehand.
Tigers, penguins, sea turtles, snakes, racoons and birds of prey, they all made me squeal.
Seeing as it was a really hot day, the animals were slower and lazier than usual, which meant that all those belonging to the cat family were sleeping, and all the others were hiding in the shades of big bushes and trees.

Me and Kim also attended this show called Free Flight (literally translated anyways). Birds of Prey and their natural living surroundings, habits and whatnot. Owls, vultures, ravens, aras and ibises, all zooming very close to our heads. Twas cool :3

Also, the Oceanarium continues to intrigue me. It consists of a huge tunnel underneath a big as hell basin of water, so you're walking under the sea turtles, sting rays and sharks, as it were. They are everywhere around you, doing what they do best: Swim and take no notice of the many hands trying to knock a hole in the glass of which the tunnel is made.

And as you walk on you arrive in a hall where you can go see a lab, where I found Nemo =D , and Dory as well xD

Little seahorses and a crab-like animal which looked suspiciously like an armoured stingray.

Monkeys, elephants, giraffes. It was all stunningly beautiful.
Ended a perfectly good day with a perfectly delicious sandwich with smoked salmon and something to drink, and as we walked out we bumped into Kim's best friend, so that she had someone to go home together with. :3

The Gypsy

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