Friday, 13 March 2009


We've had lots of those~
Specifically, the same visitor over and over.
A lot. Too much. *tilts head* Go away D<

And we have a cat as a visitor, since today. Looking for a home for her, and in the meantime she gets to sleep here, cause street life is just crappy. Especially for a cat in Egypt.
Imagine having to share your Rubbish Bin with ten other cats? That seems like a lot of unnecessary fight, to me. I've seen it happen before.
She has been scared a lot, the whole afternoon. Finally she's out of her hiding place, only to climb on every piece of furniture we own. And she mews.. A lot.
I think it's stupid to decide to take an animal just to throw it out again. Like those that adopt then get bored with the responsibility and put kids up for adoption again. It's just ... not done. Get a grip, people. Seriously.

The Gypsy


  1. You always draw me blond. It's flattering, in a way. <3

  2. She has funny ears! :D Poor thing, though. In Portugal one random cat kept visiting us, and because of that kind of ears and funny eyes, we started calling it Alien. x'D I think I still have the picture somewhere... Hmm, that kitty looks like she could be Alien's cousin, almost. x3