Tuesday, 24 March 2009


I am a xenophiliac.
I can't help it, I adore foreigners. And their cultures, ideas, beliefs, accents, etc etc..

I do not /stare/ at foreigners, like Egyptians do. I don't think they're particularly special just because they were born wherever they were born. I mean, can't, can I, with my own multi-nationality? But still, I like them, just the way I like strangers.

Then again, people find it funny when I say one of my hobbies is observing people from a distance. Not interacting, just watching them, analyzing them and whatnot.

Yesterday I spent the whole morning with a group of women, from all over the world. Canadian, American, Singaporean, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, and I'm sure I'm missing out some. Some of them were not even that much older than I am, which is a first. I guess I'm still struggling a bit with actually being an adult, or almost one. Whether or not I should address them by their first names, or add something to that. *tilts head*

I have to say, these women who marry Egyptian men and end up living here by themselves: They are amazing cooks. Or bakers, at any rate. The whole table was creaking underneath the weight of banana cupcakes, chocolate cake, sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies (first time to eat those) and I don't know what else. And foreign coffee just tastes so much better than the weak Nescafe they have here~

I even met someone who loves reading, and she is just as much of a fan of Harry Potter as I am~

Oh, and I went and applied for a new internet connection at another company, with mum.
That was the first step of my plan. Now, if I play it right, everybody is going to be happy, for I plan to get them a new computer, so they're not stuck when anything changes, and we don't all have to share one. Because that's so frustrating for all of us, when you have internet addicts like me sharing 'em.

The Gypsy.


  1. You just love me for my foreignneeeeess! ;-;

  2. Funnily enough, don't see my internet friends as foreigners. I should've added that to my list of weirdness. ~tilts head~

    And I just love you, period <3
    Although I don't know what there is "just" about that. You're pretty special for it.

  3. I knew that <3 *GLOMPSNUGGLE*

    Why can't everyone be as fun to tease as you? n.n You either say something totally sweet or you blush, which is freaking adorable.

  4. Lol, you guys are funny.

    Jessie, I miss you. The world is empty without you *tearing*.

  5. Oh yay, computer for others so nobody can complain! EXCELLENT PLAN! 8D

    I like other-cultured people too, not obsessively, but they're cool after getting so tired of Finns. x'D OH! OH! You do that people-observing too?!?! REALLY?! Me, my sister and my mom have done that for years, whenever we go to a bigger city, we go to a cafe or park and observe people, not in a mean way, but think what they might be thinking and where are they coming and what might their story be and so on. Sometimes even draw our ideas. Mighty fun. x3

    Wow, you had never had chocolate chip cookies before?! O: We have those in Finland, but they're rather dry compared to those I've eaten here. Here they're huge and nice and soft and delicious and mmm.
    I want chocolate chip cookies now! x'D