Thursday, 3 February 2011


I always believed that tears had healing powers.
That, when you cried, you felt relieved afterwards.

But, since I watched that stupid professor give his interview, about why you cry, and if it helps, I've become confused. Apparently, you feel the relief only when there is somebody around to comfort you. Then, it's the presence and support that comforts, not the tears. That it's company that chases away the hopeless feeling, pain or hunger, not the tears.

That you can use tears to manipulate and get your way. That tears are only for protection of those nearest you so they feel even more caring, eminating a sense of responsibility in any neutral person to protect you, and persuading someone with evil intentions to ease up on them.

Last night, I could say I cried myself to sleep. Only I didn't. Sleep would not come.
I cried till I had no tears left, and then got confused over why I didn't feel relieved. (Thank you very much, prof.) Am I that easily influenced? Somebody (Anybody) says something, and I immediately change my mind about it? Or was it just that my situation at that given time hadn't improved by crying. I found that I still rigidly believe crying can help, though. Just you. Not because of your surroundings, or your need to persuade anyone of anything. That it might relieve, makes you vent at least, and start seeing things in perspective.

But who knows?
I might be wrong.
The Gypsy

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