Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Classes started! :)
And I am (proudly) not that rusty as I thought I was.
I thought I'd slack, for some reason.
Course, I still might.
But I'm not counting on that.
I'm counting on both my motivation and self-discipline.

And I'm motivated to learn Spanish, alright! :D
Yesterday was the first class:
I learned to count to veinte (20), tried memorizing the Spanish alphabet,
and learned the most important question needed when learning Spanish:
¿Qué significa...?
¿Qué es... ? (But this one I knew x3)

I will get there.

On an entirely unrelated note: Egypt Update:

Landlines are reachable in Egypt, sometimes. Mobiles and internet are still down.
Trains and other transportation is now down.
Criminals out of several (big) prisons have broken out and are roaming around.
(Dutch) Tourists are being called/hauled back for the instability and danger.
People there for work are also being brought back.
All flights to Egypt are cancelled.
Meaning, their biggest income: Tourism, will be collapsing at least for a short while.
They're going to have to "heal" from this, with any outcome..

The Gypsy

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  1. Mang, you're so much smarter than me alreadyyyyy *flails*