Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More Egypt in the news.

Another venting update for those who it concerns or are even slightly interested:

Internet is back in the land of the "Future Pharaohs".
And, seeing as they need money because they've got mouths to feed, they're trying to pick up going back to their lives, their jobs. Demonstrations are still going strong, though there're a fair few who stood up on Mubarak's side (whether they were paid to do it remains the question), and those who are genuinely sick and tired of all the chaos, and want their lives to go back to "normal".

Even those demonstrating are now divided between people who are alright with Mubarak staying till his term ends at the end of this year, which he announced in his latest "trying-to-win-back-the-Egyptians" speech, and the people who are still refusing even this, shouting their lungs out, even with the danger of their own lives, just to get him to step aside, go into exile or jump off a cliff.
I'm a supporter of any of the three.

The worst thing that happened in the past few days was the speech the Vice President Omar Sulaiman gave, though. In it, he accused foreigners of siding with "Israel and those Jews", either for creating the chaos, or for spying on Egyptians for the Jews.

This resulted in an immediate, palpable, change:
Foreigners, even those that have lived in Egypt for years, generally liked, respected and over all revered, are now either ignored or treated with animosity by a lot of people, by looks, but sometimes by threats, shouts, name-calling. A friend of my mother's has been told to bugger off to her own country, and a friend has been "arrested" and "roughed up" for a few days, blindfolded and all.

Seeing as this is /the/ most alarming development thus far, I don't know how to give things a place. People asking me how I am under this, how my family is, and people telling me not to worry. Even those in Egypt themselves. It's confusing. It's worrying.

But yeah. There you are.
That's life.
And shit happens.

The Gypsy


  1. So, DON'T WORRY! when I tell you not to.
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  2. In case you should doubt: I love you and I'll be here to talk ANYtime you need someone to talk to.

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