Thursday, 20 January 2011


He cried "Wolf".

You know.
When people think they know you..
They start to guess at what the motivation of anything you do is.
They guess at your character. Your personality. Your soul.

And you put a lot of soul into art.
I do, anyways.
Serious (be it amateur or professional) artists usually do.

"Looks a bit like a scene from Harry Potter" is the commentary I've had on this one.
More than once, one unheard by the other.
:) I don't mind. Though I don't think Lupin was quite my first thought, when I wanted to paint a dark night with a full moon.
Coincidentally, it's been full moon last night, and tonight it shines quite as bright and round.
I like full moons. They make me smile and stare and make my thoughts wander.

When my aunt said something about it being my "dog", I giggled. Couldn't help thinking of Sirius Black, now, could I, with all the Harry Potter references already thrown my way.

Either way, it wasn't meant as a werewolf.
Though I like them, I lean more towards the more magical folk, or vampires.
I do howl at the full moon, mind. When I think nobody's around to hear me.

The Gypsy


  1. I thought a vampire never act like a werewolf.
    * Unknown *

  2. Hoop dat je goed bent aangekomen. Ben je gaan volgen op Twitter. Grappig, wat heb je precies met gypsies? Ik heb nl ook zigeunerbloed in mijn aderen...Zag dat je ook veel leest, alleen je blog ff niet meer bijgehouden? Ikzelf ben er een gestart in 2009. Misschien tot het volgende concert.