Friday, 7 January 2011

An Actual Resolution.

I forgot about mentioning this one last time.
Or well, I remembered right after I posted.

But the thing is, this isn't so much a "want".
So it wouldn't have fitted in last time.

I AM going to read more books this year than in 2010.
Seeing as that was a pathetic handful (not literally, I'd say they were about an arm-full 30 books orso, but that's pathetic for my standard, still) that can't be too hard to do.

That's not a want.
That's a fact.
First come all those unread ones in my bookcase.
And I'll look around for tips and must-reads at all times.
Shoot as many suggestions my way as you can. I'll put them on the list. :)

The Gypsy

PS: Happy birthday, mum. (L) Even though it's been a few days, I felt the urge to post that. :)


  1. Happy Birthday 2 ur MuM.
    * Unknown *

  2. Sinuhe Egyptian by Mika Waltari. I think I told you to read that one already. x'D
    Hmm... And... The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. I'm actually loser by recommending this as I'm barely about to read it myself, but I know it will be good, and even if I can't officially recommend it, my dad and sister do. x'D
    Also, if you still haven't read the STRAVAGANZA books by Mary Hoffman, /READ THEM/. D< They're very nice to read. Very cool and exciting and stuff. City of Masks is the first one. There's four of those books as of now, but I think fifth one will come out this year! =D
    I shall recommend more when I think of more.

  3. Just thought of another. Naiv. Super. by Erlend Loe. Lovely little book I recently read. x3