Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Suggestions, anyone?

Seeing as I've been condemned (by myself, mainly) to rest since Saturday evening, I've been looking around for things to do that require no effort, but are fun all the same.

Reading is part of that, of course.
Here's to breaking some sort of record by either amount of books in 2011 or by level of quality.
Or both. ;D

Watching movies is for when my ADHD won't let me read quietly.
I need a seriously captivating something for me to focus, and how awesome some books and movies are, most of the time they won't even tempt me to concentrate fully.

The movie I watched Saturday night totally did though.
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain.
Wow. What a fabulously lovely movie.

As schizophrenic and analytic as I can get, deeply philosophical and sometimes incredibly shallow. Amélie definitely reminded me of myself.

No. It wasn't just her dark eyes and hair. (Should I get it cut like hers?)
It was the fact that she's entirely nuts. But very intelligent.
She analyzes anything and everything, but doesn't care about moral issues if she tries to manipulate something for their own good.
+deep content sigh+ Most of all, after watching it, I just wanted to go to Paris and take lots of pictures. Not necessarily in that order.

It moved itself into myself and immediately into my top three best movies ever. :)

Sunday, Freeke, Judith and I watched Fantasia.
You know, the third Disney movie ever? 1940.
First experimental Disney movie ever? :3 That one.

There's no real story. Just visualizations on some of the world's most famous (classical) music of Bach, Vivaldi en Tchaikovsky -among others-.
I'd never seen it before, and people kept on judging it as boring.
So I'd made up my mind that I'd watch it anyways, boring or not.
But it was lovely. Very relaxing to watch. Very funny at points, touching at others.

So yes:
Suggestions. Anything.
Books. Movies. Songs. Music.
They just have to be really really good.

The Gypsy


  1. I have deemed Berserk too berserk for you, though I will still link you to it if you like. It's a little too violent, I suppose.

    This is a link to Ah! My Goddess: http://www.mangareader.net/161/ah-my-goddess.html.
    It is unarguably the sweetest romantic comedy manga of all time, but still very well written and funny. Basically it's about a very unlucky boy who dials the wrong number for a pizza one night and ends up calling Heaven. They tell him that since his heart is pure he can wish for anything he desires, and thinking that either he is hallucinating or they are joking, he wishes for a goddess to love him the rest of his life. Badda bing, badda boom. There are over 300 chapters and it's still ongoing since 1988, and that boy's life has gotten progressively more complicated but the sweetness at the core of the comic is as strong today as it was then. :D

  2. A book .
    the great betrayal by *millenia black*
    A movie
    shutter island by *leonardo dicaprio*
    coldplay .

    * Unknown *

  3. Two things you have the wrong idea about..

    ...ADHD isn't real. Its a lame excuse
    for doctors to put people on drugs for profit.

    ..schizophrenia isn't cool at all whatsoever.
    Its a condition of severe disconnection.

    Now on the bright side ,I found a great site ,
    it'll let you download almost whatever anime
    you wish to see in mostly very high quality~

    Here it is ; http://fluffy.is

    You might wanna watch Mai hime if you haven't..

    ...it also has most of the Miyazaki movies ,
    although some of them don't have any subs..

  4. Hoo! Hiku suggested my favourite anime, Mai-HiME! ;D There's some fun kind-of-sequels to that as well, so the characters certainly live on. x3
    I watched Amelié a few years ago, it totally is awesome. <3
    And haha, Fantasia is one of the Disney movies I grew up with, I love it. x'3 I used to adore the rainbowy part with greek mythology, but I was always too scared to watch the dinosaur or Ave Maria things. x'D