Thursday, 23 December 2010


Reading back some posts a year ago in December made me smile.
I still think the same about loving wind-still cold days.
Where little puffs appear where you breathe and talk.
A white blanket covering .. well.. everything. :)

Snowing began really early this winter, though.
Earlier even than last year.
Before last year, it was a question of whether 'real' winters would ever come again.
It would be windy, cold and wet, snow two days in February and melt again, and that was it.
I was disappointed it took me so long to graduate, fearing I might've missed any chance at snow at all. And the first winter I spent here, everything was white in December. Not just for a day or two, but for weeks, and when that melted, a few days later it would snow again. It snowed so much, actually, that it sent chaos into the lives of train-managers, people going to work, people's stuck at home or where they were at at the time (Judith and I were staying in Deventer, at my Unc's, then.. Good times. x3 )

This year, the snow started in November. Ridiculous! November!
The last week, but still!
And though there's been a few days where it all melted, it back to stay (at least until Christmas is over). For me, that means more walks in the past two weeks than the past 4 months put together. And lots of pictures. And lots of frustration at the fact that my health won't allow me even more walks. And lots of reading when I'm home-tied because I can't go out for walks. :) Hurray.

An entirely different point: I absolutely love how my previous blog post made you all put out your own opinions. I should do that more often :)
To all of you, though: It wasn't my point that it was /only/ the eyes.
It's vulnerability, innocence, prettiness.
I didn't mean cuteness in the specific sense, either.
Only the general-can't-be-helped-cuteness.

The Gypsy


  1. Goh, het is toch best mooi daar achter bij mijn ouders ;), als je het via jouw foto's bekijkt, haha.

  2. I've taken some new snowy photos~

    Some of my older ones were good enough
    for you to put them up on here ,
    so maybe you'll like some of my new ones just as much..

  3. We have lots and lots of snow as well! x3 And everything is frozen to look really pretty! It's very cold, but very beautiful!
    Well, duh to all of those, this is Finland... x'D
    Either way, it's only this year that I realized how pretty winter is and how much I really love living here up north. I had never thought about it before, but now I'm proud to be a little snow elf! : D