Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Cuteness Theory

I've been wanting to blog about this for ages.
Just somehow I can never find the time or the energy to.

I have this theory about cuteness.
About why children and puppies and kittens are cute.
Though most people already know the expression, I don't think they ever stop to think about how right they are.


It's the eyes.

Almost everything grows, elongates, lengthens, broadens, when you grow older.
Limbs stretch, noses grow, jaws broaden.. Everything but the eyes. They remain -almost- as big as they always were. Which is why they're really really big in a small face (of a baby, pup, foal.. etc), and as they "seem" smaller later on, and don't as much dominate the face anymore, the cuteness factor ebbs, and beauty remains. Or doesn't. That's not the point.

It's why seals are cute. Their faces almost only contains eyes.
Bambi? Cute because of the big brown eyes.
Why are Chibi-dolls so kawaii? Exactly. Big eyes.

Thank you for your attention.
Now my Tourrettes' urge for wanting to shout this point out can rest until it finds something else to obsess madly about.

The Gypsy


  1. I think the eyes can be a contributing factor
    for most who look at something cute ,
    but views on that can differ..

    ...what is pretty to you? Something that you like.

    Ugly is then just that which doesn't fit within
    your range of preferences ,most likely because of
    what you've been taught or how you observe things.

    Pretty and cute are very similar in that way..

  2. I think cuteness has something to do with vulnerability and delicacy. You see something like that and you want to hug it, yes? Well, that strikes me as a bodily, protective reaction.

  3. I think big eyes are cute. Antonio Banderas already confirmed that by saying, "Who wouldn't want to play a cat with those eyes?", about Puss in boots. However, I think it's the innocence which makes me love animals and children. The way they think is not as corrupted as that of adults. Which is not exactly delicacy as Johnny stated it, but similar, as you also loose it when you grow up. Like the eyes. It's a mixture of factors really... but I like your theory sis :D

  4. Yeah, I also think eyes are the key factor. Also, when it comes to our kitties, also their little paws and noses and whiskers are completely adorable. >.< I just want to give them a tight hug! But I can't since they'd hate it. x'D
    Although, one of our cats has very intimidating eyes, and I don't find her quite as cute. o.o So you must be quite right, yes!

  5. I agree, the huge eyes make almost anything cute!!