Monday, 27 December 2010

"Are YOU normal?"

Are you insulting me?!

Of course I'm not bloody normal.
I'm a crazy, hyper, mood-swing-y, gypsy-ish, vampire-y ball of energy who loves calm, lazy afternoons of reading or doing nothing, or travelling and/or riding horses. Yes. I'm contradictory.

No, just kidding.
Not about my description, mind.
Just that it wasn't asked /me/, per se.
Just was zapping, and found Oprah on, and she was asking the question. (I know, shocking. Last time I've watched Oprah must've been two years ago?)

With questions like "How many times a week do you have sex?" and " After you blow your nose, do you look in your tissue? " people have to find out if they're normal or not.

Some facts (about America, I'm guessing) :

- 68% of the people lie about their weight on their driver's license. (What? You have to mention your weight on that thing in 'merica?? o.o;;)
- 1 in 5 women have a chronic picking their pimples and zits issue. (Uhm. >.> )
- 43% of people don't brush their teeth before they go to bed. (Bad idea, guys. Really.)
- 94% speak to their pets as if they're people.
- 90% sing (along with the music) in cars.

I think I actually liked this episode.
It made me giggle.

The Gypsy


  1. My driver's license still has the same data from when I was eighteen. ;_;

  2. I'm glad to be part of that other 57%. :3 Although I still can't get myself to do it in the morning. I keep forgetting if it should be done before or after breakfast. o.o
    Really? Americans have to tell their weight in their driving license? o.O Why?! x'D