Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sinful Boredom.

You know what boredom does to you?
It makes you lonely.
It makes your mind go round and round in circles.
It makes you play mind-numbing games that swallow hours.
It makes you rest a lot, though. Physically. Sloth-wise.
It makes me eat a lot. Up to the level of pure Gluttony.

That's it.
It makes you sin.

I vented.
Can I not be bored anymore, please?

The Gypsy



    *whistles innocently*

  2. If you're still bored, read Mary Hoffman's STRAVAGANZA books? : D In case you already haven't, that is. They're very good and boredom-busting. x3 Here's their website~!
    Be sure to read them in order, though. owo It is very important.
    Oh, I think the second one has a lot to do with horses. So I'm quite sure you'll like that one a lot. :3 At least hoping so!