Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Does it ever end?

My art. Being blind is not just a physical thing~

I've been having lung-muscles aches for over 60 hours straight. It started out as a cramp, and it just never stopped cramping. I can't even rest, because even laying down and sitting hurts, and breathing most of all. I've overdosed on painkillers, I even got an injection which was thought to be stronger.. And I'm not a fan of medicine..
And nothing helped. It made me able to breathe a bit, because without it I simply can't move my lungs/arms, but that's it.
Sleep has been close to none, because of the pain, and I was advised not to try taking sleeping pills with my lungs cramping in case something goes wrong and I won't be able to wake up and feel it. So bugger.
I don't know. Wondering if I should go on complaining or just come back when (if) I get better.

The Gypsy