Monday, 31 May 2010

Snapped joints, and On Movies.

Apparently, you can "break" joints.
Or to be more accurate, they can snap.
And make the weirdest crunching noise whenever you move..
Though it doesn't hurt as much as it sounds (or maybe I really am getting used to pain so much I don't really wince anymore?), it's only hell trying to walk up or down stairs.
Happy happy joy joy.

I saw three movies this month. Or to be more accurate, in the last ten days.
The most awesome of the three was definitely Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time. Maybe because of the game -anyone saying the movie wasn't influenced by the game is a big fat liar-, and it's partly the actors too. Though a bit predictable, it had tres funny moments. And it was very pretty; effects and scenes alike.
Robin Hood was good. Powerful. Fighting for what they believed in, no matter what. "Rise, and rise again, till lambs become lions." It's one of those quotes I'll have a hard time forgetting. Not that I'm trying, mind.

Centurion is the one I'm torn about. It had some good 300-like blood spatter, but overall the scenes were very much alike throughout the movie, and it had this grey-ish shade to it. Maybe it was because not all the actors were very convincing, though there were some very good ones.

Now I'm probably stuck at home for a week.
Which is okay. Maybe I should start dowloading some of the I-need-to-see movies and watch those. Or I could always start finishing reading the books I borrowed from friends and family.
Heh. Yeah. Still a procrastinator. Oh well.

The Gypsy.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't seen any of them three movies..

    ...but when I saw the trailer for Robin Hood ,
    I first thought it was for King Arthur or some..

    Prince of Persia games I never got into.
    Couldn't figure out what to do (at all) in them.

    I once stomped so hard on my heel that my family
    told me to be careful not to break it.
    But yeah ,joints and kneecaps can break.