Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Who thought up the word "decision"?
They need to be shot.
The word itself is terrifying, let alone trying to make one.
Why did that ever have to be so hard?

Also, trying to read Sophie's World.
A great guide to basic philosophy, but as a novel, not so great.
Did I post that here already?
I know I've already said it, somewhere.

Haven't been getting much sleep.
Might have a bit of an addled brain.

The Gypsy


  1. I usually don't have a hard time deciding..

    ...usually I know what I like or already chose.

    Still trying to figure out philosophy.

    Not much going on as of now ,connection unstable.

  2. Not a great novel:O What!! Read it again!! Or further, it's really a great one!!

    xxx Tamara

  3. Decisions are a curse if there was something just given then we would not have to worry that much to make them right decision. The key is to convince yourself though after you make a wrong decision that it was a right one and you're done.