Sunday, 11 April 2010


Everybody who knows me knows I don't take things for granted easily.
Yet there's been a neglect of little things I fail to notice, let alone appreciate.
I've been wondering about how to get myself to notice it again.

Came up with a pretty interesting approach, if I may say so myself.
It's commonly known as a "Picture of the Day". Not sure who named it that.
Doesn't matter anyhow.

I take as many pictures of as many things as I'd like, each day. But it has to be at least once every day. Then I choose the one I like most and name it Picture of that Day. Derr. That much was obvious.
Pretty easy assignment, with the sole purpose of seeing the beauty of things around me again. Or in my pictures. Or just seeing beauty at all xD

To start with today's picture of the day, here's to Ralf's dog, Skipp.
He's amazingly cute, hyper and funny to watch. And when he sits it looks like he's standing, his legs are /that/ short.

I was also given some warhammer models of Ralf's to paint.
Be jealous. Very very jealous.
(Tip: I'd click on the picture to enlarge it, if I were you)
It was fun.
I finished seven of them in a reasonable amount of time. And for the first /real/ models, they look pretty damn good. So there.

This be muh seven dwarfs: (Nopes, not Snowwhite, sorry)

Another shot:

This is what the table looks like with painting stations.
Notice the models, at the crocodiles beak :P (They're /that/ small)

And here are two more pictures just for the sake of sharing good stuff ;D

Too bad the day ended in cramps.
It was good regardless, though.

The Gypsy.

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  1. I like them photos.. I kinda feel like painting something..