Monday, 9 April 2018

Succesfull 1001 Nights

Last year, I was asked to co-organise a 60th birthday that was so succesfull they wanted a repetition.
Different person (his wife), different theme (1001 nights), different challenge (she is more of a control freak than he is, pro-active and very uncomfortable with leaning back to let others do it for her).

This one was easier, and harder, all at once.
She isn't one for masking her feelings.
She knows what she likes and what she hates.
In part, we were well informed on likes and hates.
But then comes the tough part: How to organise something original within the theme.

There was "middle eastern" food: a mix of Turkish apple tea, Syrian and Lebanese pizza's and bread with za'atar, Salades like Fattoush and Tabouleh, sweet bites like baklava and cookies. 4 watermelon shells filled with fruit salad.
There was the decor: Lots of draperies and pillows of all colours, a few shisha's (hookah's), and a carpet on the wall. A curtain of lights, and a balloon arch in purple and gold.
There were surprises:  She was kidnapped by 4 thieves (because 40 was too expensive). She had lunch and came back to a house that did not resemble her own anymore. There were 30+ people already there welcoming her with a self-written song. There was a bellydance workshop, three kids dancing with youtube songs and our Karaoke version of a Whole New World... :)

It went pretty well.
She loved it.
And I still rock master of ceremonies title.

The Gypsy

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