Friday, 19 May 2017

Vacation themed birthday

People who know me (even a little) know that birthdays are sacred in my eyes.
It's a time of reflection (second only to New Year's Eve) - a time to see how've far you've come this year.. How much older you look in pictures, how much longer your hair is.. Mainly, for me, it's a time to sit with friends and family and combine good food with good company.

As usual, I gave my birthday this year a theme. I believe it's a tradition that "only" goes back 7 years now - because I'm a dress-up kinda gal, only the Dutch are only starting to celebrate Halloween now that I'm too old to go trick-or-treating, and I've been born on the wrong side of the river, it's only in the south of the Netherlands that they celebrate Carnival big time.

I always tell guests that it's awesome if they dress up (because I love to) , but that it can't be the reason they decide not to come (because not everyone loves to).

I chose a theme this year that is both easy, yet cool to work with.
Something I'm personally very unacquainted with, and maybe even uncomfortable.
Vacation/Holiday time.
Whether you like to travel, explore new things, visit beaches, sunbathe all day, read books, or actually stay at home in your PJ's and bunny slippers and watch TV, it's all allowed.

This was the result (of the decoration):


We played games and chatted and ate ((Harira soup, vegetarian quiche and pasta salad, all very holiday-y)) -- the weekend before my birthday..  On the day itself I went out to dinner with my parents, and the weekend afterwards I had family over. --- .. and I got spoiled rotten on all three occasions.

A big thank you to everyone who came over, whenever that was.

The Gypsy

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