Monday, 23 January 2017

Happy 2017

It's been a rough 6 weeks since I've been virus-free.
Even now, I'm sniffling in the hopes of postponing that necessary hunt for more tissues.
Strepsils are my new best friend.
And I've never been more busy in low-season.

Some projects are still secret, but I'll gush about them in detail after the deadlines.

December has been a flurry of non-stop activity (that's putting it mildly.)
Mostly, it was for scouting. We're trying to collect as much money as we can, to give our explorers the chance to have an entirely new experience as far as summercamp goes (ie. in Croatia).
I'm particularly fond of the country, but I must say, it's a lot harder to find a scouting group there to host us than I thought it would be.
We packed people's things in supermarkets, sold oliebollen (oil balls.. ) and apple beignets (they both don't sound good but it's Dutch and delicious), and fed an army of parents as a Christmas/New Year's dinner which everyone loved.

Christmas day I spend with the boyfriend's family - a warm and welcoming lot.
Lots of food, some presents, plenty of laughter. I don't think I've had a more traditional first Christmas day in..ever.

Second day I filled with another tradition, apparently: I visited one of the biggest swimming pools of our country (The Tikibad) with friends. I'd never been there before (which apparently is a downright shame in itself), and it was really cool.
We fixed our own three-course dinner afterwards (which included supermarket pizza, but was still pretty marvelous, after-swimming-low-energy considered).

Fourth day (yes, there is such a thing) I had yet another Christmas dinner (I'd lost enough weight by being ill just weeks before for it to be a huge disaster, really), this time at a friend's house.. She's been hosting fourth-day-Xmas-dinners for 9 years now - next one is a big anniversary.

New Year's Eve was much fun as well, it's the first time I've ever set light to fireworks myself.
Too bad I came down with a horrible flu that sort of drowned out all the good vibes (and any other vibes) - I think I slept through the first three days of 2017.

Since December I've reread all the Harry Potter books (one to seven) - and started on the eighth, the script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (and pretty much gobbled it up in two days).
It reads differently from the books, and I miss Rowling's mind-blowing storytelling.
Other than that it's really not that bad.

My new year resolutions?
Live more consciously.
If you're wondering what that means, this and that might give you an idea.
Other than that: Read more, and enjoy the little things.

To a conscious, happy and healthy 2017

The Gypsy

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