Thursday, 14 November 2013

Up Until November

Cause, apart from a few poems, I never updated after July, did I?
I think I've mentioned it before, but there is a trend about my posting:
- Either I'm too depressed to
- Or I'm too busy (happy) to.

Lately, I've been content, really.
Not specifically happy. (About some parts of my life, yes. But not in general.)
But not specifically I-want-to-kill-myself-grieved, either. (Which is good. Very good.)
There will be a day (sooner rather than later) when I'll actually do something about that down/meh- feeling.

I know I'm not happy because, honestly? I haven't tried to be.
I've just been waiting. I've been doing what I have to do (school, mostly). But apart from that, sleep, and the occassional break (which are fun and full of happiness), I've been mostly waiting. For "it".
Not sure when "it" will come. Or if it will at all. Might be I just have to drag myself off my butt and do "it".

Here's everything (or everywhere?) that's been happening since July.

1. I went to Eastbourne, in July. Watching over  a total of 60 kids (distributed over two weeks)

2. I went to Greece in August. Paros and Athens. Bad idea, in the summer.  Seeing as I can't cope with heat. But brilliant otherwise. Very pretty country. Not so cool people.

3.  Followed up by a visit to Germany. Wernigerode is the cutest little town in the Harz mountain range. Walked a lot. Then went to Berlin. Visit all those highlights and must-sees. Walked more.

4. Spent two weeks with my family in South of Limburg. Day trips to Germany and lots of swimming pool time. I think my hair hated me by the end of the summer holiday).

5. Started school. And orienting myself. This year: No physical classes. A challenge. And peace.

6. Walked a tour in Brussels. Good experience, leading around professionals in my branche.

7. Managed to score an internship for April 2014. (Will update more about that when I hear where I'm going. That's a small excitement HIGH point in my life)

8. Finished my personal profiles in September (when half the class was still doing their minor. Then did very little - for school- for a month). Now their minor is done. So I've got no head start to brag about.

9. Scored a graduation thesis. Just handed in the project plan this week
Not super excited, but this is going to be "okay". I hope.

10. Accompanied and helped out DIO with another kid- camp. I swear. Kids are starting to grow on me. And they're making me change my mind. Or is that my biological clock slowly ticking in the background?

So a lot going on. Yet little.
Home schooling myself is both relaxed and stressful at the same time.
Oh, the irony.

One thing that never fails to make me happy is this, though:

The Gypsy

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  1. Ha, die film heb ik inmiddels gezien. Liked it! O ja, mijn dochter vond hem ook leuk ;-)