Friday, 27 September 2013

Being twenty something...

Inspired by a post a friend of mine posted, she made me realize something:
People put too much meaning in the age of someone.
"Age is just a number" isn't just a cliché.

I noticed how 9 out of 10 times, I gave the wrong answer to the question "How old are you?" if I did not rack my brain first and think before I answered.

Truly, I forget my age. All of the time.
And I wish more people would.

Growing up, as a child, I could not wait to hit my tenth year. Two digits were more than one, after all, and thus sounded way more dignified.
Once the two digits were reached, the next goal was 16.
At 16, my mum would allow me this freedom or that one.

At 16... I could not wait till I turned 18.
18, after all, meant my own driver's license.
Which I got. Quite soon after. Not only because of the reasons of freedom people generally get their license for.
And then I started the countdown till 21 (though by now, becoming gradually more aware that counting up and a downside), because 21 meant that I was officially an adult in any country that mattered.

I think that, personally, I stopped after I reached that goal.

In Egypt, people defined age differently, if you are a girl. At 16 till 18, you're wanted, desired. At 21, you needed to get out there and get yourself engaged. At the age of 25, if you're not married, then you should better get your butt out there and try harder. At the age of 29, it's hopeless. You'll probably be a single old cat lady. Forever.

Everywhere, though, there are age definitions. In your twenties, you roll into your adulthood. Slowly but surely, you get to know more responsibilities. Worries. Tasks. The world gets slightly heavier.
You get your first "grown up" paycheck. Then, though this age has shifted hugely in the west, your thirties and forties are the time you settle down. Your first house. Getting married (or hey, a steady relationship). Kids? Retirement.

Drastic, yes? So forget those molds.
Quit your job. Or don't. Change your mind. Do something crazy. Write a book. Keep a diary. Make new friends. Let things go. Explore the world. Explore the people around you. Discover new hobbies, talents, and desires.

Wander the street in your twenties.
Learn something new in your thirties.
Fall in love with something/someone new in your forties.
Go back to school in your fifties.

Nothing is holding you back.
Certainly not your age.
Age... it's just a number, after all.

The Gypsy

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