Thursday, 18 March 2010

Who knew..

M.C. Escher.

.. talking to yourself can be strangely helpful?
Not necessarily talking out loud, even. Typing and thinking helps just as much, in a venting way.

Maybe that's just me, though?
I talk/think/type as if I'm talking/thinking/typing to someone else.
Like psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health coaches and nurses and all the rest of them are simply a means to get you to talk, vent, and feel better about it. Or not, depending on whatever it is you're trying to cope with. They don't add much, they're just there to listen. Like friends. Friends you have to pay for.
Professionals, though. I mean, I'm sure they're worth it. Sometimes. Maybe I study psychiatry. I might be good at it.

Also: I miss everyone.
As in.. /everyone/.
I feel lonely a lot, and no, that's not just because I'm alone a lot (Which I'm not. Not really). And that's about as fun as the anal rape scene in The War Zone.

On a different note: I yam hungry. Yay.
*goes to hunt*
The Gypsy


  1. I miss everyone too..

    ...haven't had many conversations lately.

    Mostly its just a few comments here and there ,
    random postings and some chats of few lines.

    But I keep studying into all them things
    and forget myself reading and writing.

    Maybe that could work for you
    until everyone comes back?