Monday, 22 March 2010

Masquerades ♥

♫ Masquerade
Paper faces on parade
Hide your face, so the world will
never find you ♪

♫ Masquerade
Every face a different shade
Look around there's another
mask behind you ♪

♫ Masquerade
Seething shadows
breathing lies
You can fool
any friend who
ever knew you ♪

♫ Masquerade
Leering satyrs, peering eyes
Run and hide , but a face will
still pursue you ♪

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

See, I've got an obsession with masks. (Which I gladly used in my graduation project for world literature: The Phantom of the Opera) And dressing up in general, halloween and castlefests being like, highlights of my year, birthdays not included. (Even though I've never actually dressed up for either.. Hmm. Need to change that.)
And two days ago, I got asked the fatal question: Why?
Well, obviously it's not very fatal, I could answer it well enough, though I can't explain it like I feel it.

Probably because of my fascination by all human beings (and other beings as well) try hiding behind their "masks", even if it's just a smile or something.
I catch myself staring at people (strangers and friends alike) wondering what they're thinking, wondering whether they're acting. It's got something to do with reality versus what people want you to believe.

That, and the fact that I like my reflection a whole lot better with something like a mask on.

So does wearing a mask serve as a protection for yourself as well?
From, like, other actors, so they can't tell what you're really thinking or feeling?
Only if that's what you make people believe, it's a wall you create that doesn't really exist.
You can also do it the other way around, make people believe there is no wall when one is as high as the seventh sky.
Masks are just intriguing.
Masks were always what Heros wear to protect their identities.
Like Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman..
But that's the same thing.. pretending not to be someone is almost like pretending to be someone you're not.
Most people do.
The Gypsy.

Disclaimer: A good friend of mine bought me the white/purple mask in Florence when she went there. It's the size of my palm. And I was trying on her own life-sized one for fun. Obsessions obsessions.

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  1. I like masks too~

    Saw lots of them in Venice while I was there..