Friday, 1 January 2010

Two Thousand and Nine

Six months of graduating, three months in absolute chaos, and three months in confusion.
That's pretty much the basic outline of last year.

I think I'm quite content with the way the year ended, though.
Less confused about drastic things, more confused about good things.
Physically.. well, better than I hoped, so relatively okay, really.
Emotionally definitely good.
Mentally (dealing wise) it's also relatively quiet at the moment.

Bodes well for 2010?
I should hope so.
To a physical, mental and emotional splendid year,

The Gypsy

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  1. Hey Gipsy!
    Yes, I'm back to your blog. >.< I'll try to be a more efficient blog reader from now on! D<
    Glad to have you back! ^___^

    P.S. I see two typos in your About Me text! o.o Both with the word "am". x'D Sorry, I'm a typo hunter sometimes. >.<;;