Sunday, 21 June 2009

The Netherlands

Muhaw, my attic!
And my ages old pink bed xD I used to like pink so much more.. Even though I never was a girly girl. Weird xD
And muh teddy love!

That's a top view to our jungle like garden. It's really like a forest out there. Dad /never/ does anything to make it look different. I kinda like it though, it's dark and damp ish underneath.

Woah, Gyps was quiet for a few days :P
I know, it's because I've actually not been online much if at all xD
Not busy, per se.

I don't think I can tell day by day what happened, it all passed in a blur to me, frankly.
The last two days in Egypt I was doing twenty zillion things a day, saying goodbyes, buying things, packing them, trying to eat all the leftovers in the fridge.. That last one was what got me in trouble, lol. Food poisoning.

Thursday morning I got up after two hours of sleep, and went with mum on some errands, including the bank, where we got stuck for an hour and a half and then just left cause things just weren't moving. I met up with all the girls one more time, had a coffee, then visited my friend, had more coffee, and fooled around with her adorable cat for a while. Whilst there (even before going) I started complaining about feeling queasy, wanting to be sick, and dizziness. Honestly though, I just thought it was the heat that got to me.
I left her and met up with mum at my aunt's to drop off my car there, mum having already left hers there the day before she came to pick me up with sis's. More goodbyes. Then we went and froze our internet account, and bought the food and whatnot dad wanted us to bring.
Back home mum begged me to cook dinner, which I did, even though by then I was feeling so sick I couldn't stand all the smells whatsoever.

They were all chaotically panicky, packing and running around like headless chickens. I just felt horribly feverish, and actually was sick about twenty times after I had served them dinner. Mostly mum's concern was not for me feeling awful, but for them not holding me back at either airport because of the swine flu and the plague and I don't know what else Egypt has cases of at the moment. They all teased me about being sick cause they thought I was nervous about flying~

No sleep that night, merely running around the house wrapping up everything. My cousin came around 4 am, and carried the bags downstairs whilst sis closed the windows and mum shut off the water. I turned off all the electricity and we had a near-sentimental moment when closing the door. Me and my siblings went for a ultra-quick visit at Pluisje (my cat)'s grave in the front yard of the flat building. I know I take her with me in my heart wherever, but this last year has been tough on me, and whenever I felt like I needed to talk and had no one I'd go there and talk to "her".

We were at the airport really early, which turned out to be grand, because it was way crowded. Apparently it was a just newly built terminal, with a new system the staff themselves hadn't been used to yet. Well, okay, the system would be the same as the one they've been using for the past decade in Europe and America, but it's still new to them. And waiting in line for their turn to come is not one of the strongest points of Egyptians. Probably one of the weakest. It was a chaos. Although I have to admit, if it wasn't for my Egyptian cousin, we would have missed the plane. He merely did not wait for his turn, pushed through the crowds, sidled our bags through the x-ray machine, bid us a good trip and told us to call him when we arrived. xD

I was sick when the plane took off an hour and a half later, and I was still sick when we landed after nearly five hours. I have to say though, Egypt Air had pretty good service, a friendly staff, and a good pilot. I didn't even feel too achy cause of the pressure, but maybe that was because my stomach was a big distraction.

The last two days I've mainly been inside the house, cleaning up the awful mess, and letting my body have another go at me. We did buy toothbrushes and paste and soap and whatnot the first day we arrived, and yesterday we got lots of all-dutch food. :D All-dutch being anything non-Egyptian, cause strictly speaking almost none of it is originally dutch xD

Me and sis went for a nice bike ride, too, in beautiful green, flowery and nature-smelling Dutchlandia~ We rode all the way till I saw a swan, got off the bike, and stopped by the side of the road to watch it watching me. Sis was just as fascinated, and before we knew it ten minutes had passed.
On the way back it rained on us~ And seeing as it's only 17'Celsius, I'm amazed none of us has caught a cold yet what with the thin summer clothes we brought along xD

Today not much happened. Took it really slow, in the hopes of getting better quickly.
I'm also going to try and sleep routinely and work on getting rid of that nasty insomnia, because I've basically been ill since November non-stop, and that's gotto change~

Way much typing. xD
Sorry -sweatdrop-
The Gypsy


  1. yeah too much typing but it s cool it s as if im still there u know ;0)

    well im envying u right now, all the green whatever u re describing :D quite cool ha while ihave to survive the hot weather and dust here

    glad u made it and hope u feel better

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. Netherlands is beautiful place. I am surely going to visit soon as it is one of the beautiful place on earth. Don't miss Flying Dutchman, the most expensive attraction. For more details refer Theme park Netherlands

  3. Lol, been there, done that ;)
    I do agree though, Flying Dutchman was an awesome ride. Too damn short, though.
    The Efteling is great though, I'd advise anyone coming here to visit it at least once : D

    @ Anonymous: You're leaving Egypt today, aren't you? Not so stuck in Egypt as some of our friends :P Dun envy, it's a lousy sin D< xDDD