Sunday, 7 June 2009

All down, none to go

Watch that.
Don't be annoyed if sound and screen don't synchronize. It's not the point what they're saying anyways. Just watch.

And that's right. It's done. Over. Finito.
Three weeks of exams are over. Seemed to stretch on forever.
Four year of college are over. Those definitely flew by. Maybe too fast.
To be honest, best four years of my stay in Egypt so far. Maybe because all we got to talk about, read about, discuss, think about was much more Western than Eastern.

Before I get all sentimental, and cry and such, I would like to call upon all Greek, Norse and Egyptian Ancient Gods to curse our Drama Professor, for giving an exam that had no variety whatsoever, even though we had five complete different plays to read.
Everybody else seems to have done rather well, but I'm just hoping I'll scratch a pass here, because I did not do all that good... That's not me being modest, by the way. This is me hoping desperately not to flunk an exam I genuinely messed up.
Just need a few days to get over this nasty sick-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach feeling I have for being angry and disappointed at myself.

Other than that, I've had the worst rash for over a week now. I don't know if I mentioned it before now, but it's getting awful. My hands are covered in little itchy blisters which won't go away, I've been using ointment for three or four days now, and the pamphlet said I should have noticed some difference by now. The rest of my body seems allergic to some insect or other, normally I get stung by mosquitoes and it gets a little red and itchy. Now, all the bites are red, inflamed, warm and painful. That with my regular insomnia and cramps. Huzzah.
I say "I hate my body" a lot. But I've been thinking... Maybe my body just hates me.

The Gypsy


  1. Goalless? Supposing you still want to be a journalist, you are fluent in three languages (that I know of) and have some major writing credit under your belt. You've just graduated from college, now you've just got to start contacting news agencies that might be interested in hiring. Particularly in Holland, if you can swing it.

    If Europe hiring is anything like the US, you just make a resume telling them how awesome you are and hand it in. You're fantastic with people, so I've faith in any interview they could throw your way, and you excel in whatever you attempt.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it. x3

  2. Had a credible tornado threat the other day, and Ian and I made jokes like, "Erin's still out there...we've to assume the worst" and, "Don't worry, we can get one of those really whiny GPS units and turn it on every two weeks to nag us. It'll be just like the old Erin." And then the wind got so bad we thought the tree was going to fall on Erin's car and my mom said it was too dangerous to go outside and move it, but then she went and did it anyway because I called her a pansy about nine times or so. Most fun I've had during a tornado watch, easy.