Monday, 10 November 2014

A Little Honesty - Whatsapp

Out of nowhere, my timeline suddenly got bombed with memes and jokes about Whatsapp.
Ignoring it at first, it escalated quick enough to jar my interest (long enough to write this post).

Ever since Whatsapp sold itself to Facebook, the messenger has only received more attention - unlike promised. When the news got out, everybody and their mothers gave this big shout-out that they were going to stop using Whatsapp, and switching to other messengers which have similar software. Telegram was one of those, and they did get a relatively huge amount of new users since. Yet Whatsapp also grew in numbers, so in the end, nothing changed, really.
Or did it?

So... What is all the fuss about?
Blue ticks. (aka blue check marks).

There used to be only gray ticks.
There was one, which meant that the message was sent properly.
The second one meant the message was received properly.

Now, they turn blue.
Which means the message has been viewed by the receiver.
Oh. Em. Gee!!!1!

So ... what's the big deal?
And who is making the bigger fuss? Senders or receivers?
Here're some of the memes:

Pink ticks. To ensure the explanation has come across correctly.
Yes. These pink ticks means the same as the two ticks turning blue. 

See? You become paranoid after a while. 
That's what you get for using Facebook. 
That's what you get when Facebook buys Whatsapp. 

Because, really, that's what'll happen.
The world will burn, because honesty. 

Well. Yes, that's exactly what it means. 
Whatsapp needs to get cracking, making software to read girls' minds like that. 

Again: SO WHAT?! 
Facebook has been doing this for a good long while now. 
Every time you send a message over PM, it tells you "Sent at 14:35". 
Once it has been viewed, that changes to "Seen at 19:45". 
UH-OH. Now they know you've read it and were too lazy/occuppied to answer it immediately. 
You should be shot. Or they should be shot to get you out of trouble. 

Seriously. What happened to being honest? 
So, you've read the message. You're still thinking about an answer. You're waiting for someone else's opinion before you make up your own. You're waiting for the nausea or disease to pass, or not, to make up your mind about going out. Or maybe you just don't want to answer. For any reason. 

Are you afraid to hurt other people's feelings, because you haven't deemed something worth answering? It's human nature to be dishonest. (Apart from the Dutch. They miss out on this gene big time.) But it is better to be dishonest and not hurt someone's feelings?

Not to harp and be all one-sided here... What about the sender?
How big is your ego, really, to think that a person has nothing else to do than respond to your messages immediately all day long? Even if they decide to grab a quick peek at what they've recieved, doesn't necessarily mean they have time to respond. 
Why get any sort of emotion when someone else is occupied with something else?
What's next?

Wow. That's just unnecessary. 
And hurtful.

The only way around this is turning your WiFi / 3g or 4g off. And reading all the text messages you popular dawg got at leisure. And only when you see fit to answer, do you turn the internet back on. Whilst you're offline, it cannot update that you've seen it on the other end. It will though, as soon as you get back online.  

On both ends. 

The Gypsy.

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