Saturday, 15 March 2014

My first times..

In the past 4.5 year, I've experienced the following:

My first sushi
My first trip without parents
My first concert
My first camping trip
My first real date
My first bills (yes. Adult alert)
My first visit from abroad, especially for me
My first interview (not on Skype)
My first physical job (--so not outsourcing onlines)
My first Segway ride
My first longer-than-7-hour-flight
My first time on another continent than Europe (Egypt and Sinai excluded)
My first audition
My first (superman) ziplining adventure-- and bungee jump push
My first kiss
My first jump off a 10 m high bridge
My first real Latin American food
My first sundyed hair
My first panic attacks
My first Volcano hike
My first (long and serious) interaction with kids (ages 8-16) (!)
My first tour in front of classmates
My first swim with dolphins
My first tour in front of tour professionals
My first tips as a tour guide (!)
My first swim/jumps in caves
My first MRI scans
My first diving experience (definitely not my last)
My first emergency response officer certificate
My first Assertiveness training
My first Spanish certificate (not my last, either)
My first of so many foods (especially desserts) that I'd never tried before
My first zumba classes....
My first visit to Latvia, C.A, Greece, Leb, etc...
My first assertiveness in a group
My first successful nail art

Oh right.
And first tarantula..

And there must be so many more I'm forgetting...
Sometimes it feels like moving back to the Netherlands made me "catch up" with so many things I'd missed out on during puberty. Because all-girl schools and different cultures and living on budgets... So many "un- special" things I'd just never tried before because of one reason or the other.

I've had so many firsts in the past four and a half years... and there are so many firsts still on my list... 
Sometimes,  I think I can't be surprised anymore, because I've seen so much. But then I am surprised by how easy it is for me to enjoy small little things: new or not.

The Gypsy

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  1. I absolutely love and relate to it! :D
    Although there were no all-girl schools - there was a mixed one where you would not be allowed to walk with a boy by yourself - there were various cultures and also, until recently, curfues and limited choices in limited ranges for parent-free things to do.
    I also especially started feeling the itch of it with puberty, eased significantly with university, and wore off with graduation then leaving my parents' house.