Thursday, 4 July 2013

Up until July

Suddenly 2013 hit half a year.
On the one hand, so much happened. On the other: WHERE did you go, time?!

A rough patch health-wise.
I'm genuinely tired of people asking me if I lost weight.
Yes, I did. 10 kgs in two months, to be exact.
Although I did also gain some back the past few weeks. Woot.
And I know people only ask because they're worried and they care.
So I can appreciate it. A little.

Besides my already wretched list of bacterias and viruses, CMV and Pfeiffer (Mono) got added to those.
Which explains my ready exhaustion. All. The. Time.
My lack of productivity. My sleepiness even after long hours of sleep.
I'm less frustrated at myself now I know what's wrong, though.
That's a pro. :)

What's been happening besides health?

1. Every holiday has been well and happily spent. :)

2. I outran CF. For the third year in a row. Though I missed the CF Beach Dance. :(

3. Celebrated my birthday three times. And got incredibly spoiled.

4. The class went on a study trip to Poland (Krakow) and Czech Republic (Prague) in May. (We flew there on my birthday, to be exact). We slept in a salt mine (135 m under the ground), visited Auschwitz (heavy and intense) , slept in a train to Prague (very uncomfortable), and walked kms and kms (very exhausting), joining our classmates in the most interesting of tours (very cool). Museum, art, bridges, history... Prague is so beautiful I'm definitely putting it on the list again.

I am very happy with my own tour as well, a free (aka themeless) tour in Prague. I scored fine and I got people to laugh, as well as interested in their surroundings. I can say one thing though: I'm NEVER doing themeless again. Just give me a red thread to follow and I'll gladly fill in the blanks.
Don't give me no direction, and competition of 5 other tours in the same city which already cover all the highlights! Damn!

5. I succeeded in closing off my third year of school, no resits, and not too bad marks, for the energy and efforts I managed to put it (with my health rocking like it is). Looking back at the last two school years, I've gained so much experience and general knowledge it's crazy.

6.  Saw the (new)  King and Queen when they visited Zoetermeer.

7. Met up with a lot of friends and family in the past few weeks I hadn't seen in ages.
Which always cheers me up a lot. :)
And I visited Zeeland for the first time ever. I think I've now been in every one of the thirteen Dutch Provinces!

8. Had a Burlesque workshop.

9. Got braces. (Partly. The rest of the metal will be installed in phases. )

10. I just moved out of my room in Breda. Which I'm sad about.
I already miss those girls. And.. my own place.
Cause though my parents are dolls, there's just this slight impossibility of fitting in again once you move out.

Now, I've got two free months ahead.
Free from school, that is, because starting tomorrow, I'm going to be abroad again till the end of August (exlcuding one or two days).
Two months before the stress, drama and deadlines of the final year set it.

A volunteer guiding job in July for Simbo, then pure holidays, exploring and relaxing and chilling and.. already  looking forward to it all :)
I'll probably post an update on all of that after the fact. :)
And I'll try not to wait so long in between posts.

The Gypsy

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