Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Busy happiness

I started rereading my old posts, and I noticed something funny.
I post less when I'm happy.
And I post less when I'm busy.
Thus: I am more happy when I'm busy.
Or.. I am busier the happier I feel.

Or they might have little to do with each other, and it's just a coincidence.

I also thought I was completely over my depression back when I started this blog.
But I sound quite blue to me.
Which means I've come such a long way.
Which makes me even happier. And proud, in one way.


Since the end of May, I truely only have had only two weeks of nothingness.
Two weeks of "rest", as it were. Straight after I came back.
Ever since, life has been... full. And chaotic. To say the least.

August: Toured Lebanese and Egyptian friends around the country.
Then, I travelled with my Egyptian friends to France, first.
And then Italy.

Paris wasn't new for me, but it was still cool. Some places don't lose their magic.
And it's different every time you visit, anyway.
Armed with our Metro Day Pass, we hopped all over the capital.
The Notre Dame, Tour D'Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur.

Rome was new, in the sense that I'd never been to Italy.
But I strutted around the place like I did that yearly, according to Heba.
I guess being trained to be a Tour Manager is rubbing off on me.
We saw all the highlights of Rome, for sure.
Trevi Fountain, the one of the Four Seasons, the Colosseum, the Roman Fora, Vatican City and the Museums, old Rome... We had pizza and pasta every day.

Pompeii was epic. Just being there. Seeing Vesuvius.
All the art and architecture of the place. All the poor people mummified by volcanic dust.
I'd been warned before hand about the handsomeness of men there. The only charismatic ones we met were well over sixty years old, however. All the other Italians we met, regardless of their gender, were just plain rude.

The moment they left, school started.
And since then, not a moment of mental peace.
Reports, deadlines, projects.
Hospital visits as well, sadly. Too many of them.

I attended musical workshops, and am thinking about auditioning.
If it weren't for the fact that I've never auditioned, and am thus nervous, I wouldn't have even had doubts.
I surprised mum and my siblings with a day of fun and hilarity at Baarn Studios, where we attended a show of Ik Hou Van Holland ((I love Holland)). It's going to be broadcasted the 8th of Dec, I believe.

I just came back from Leb.
And it was so familiar, even though I've never been there.
So natural. And yet.. So beautiful. So exciting.So good.
And safe. Though the attacks happened right under our noses.

12 is definitely my number.
And this year is definitely my year. :)

Life is good.
There is very little I would change about it.

The Gypsy

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  1. Goed om te lezen dart je zo'n topjaar hebt. Is je gegund!