Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Time traveling.

Three years ago, I was one anxious wreck.
I just realized this, reading back the posts.
I was intimidated of moving (again).
I was horrified at taking that big a step and leaving loved ones and places behind.
I was worried whether I was doing the right thing.

I can understand why.

I wish I could travel through time though, and look the Me I was back then in the eye.
I would look her in the eye and smile.
I would sing to her, "Jessie dear.. Every little thing's gonna be alright."
I would give her a bear hug just to convince her I am real.

I would probably twirl and wink and (try to) disappear.
Just to convince myself I'm still as crazy as I was.
So changed. So much more self confident. So much more happy.
But still crazy little me. :)

The Gypsy