Tuesday, 13 March 2012

But why's the time gone?

Imagine Jack Sparrow saying that instead of always thinking of rum.
That'd be something, nay?

I'm officially out of that "waiting phase" I was complaining about in the beginning of the year, that's for sure. I'm just about not trying to catch up with myself, but things (myself included) are going at the speed of light these days.

Sickness keeps butting in in ways so I fall behind on schedule, but I can't really find the self discipline to over work. Maybe that's a good thing.

School's been nomming on lots of my time, as well.

I'm actually learning loads, this year. Even though it's not what I'd call a full time study.
I actually recall things I've learned and tell it all know-it-all-ly to my friends.
And it makes me happy to add that bit of extra information the
y didn't know yet.
And if they do know it, it makes me happy that I can discuss it.
And then I remember.. THAT's why I'm studying to become a tour manager.
I like spreading knowledge. And my enthusiasm
about anything.

Talking about enthusiasm: Pinterest.com and Postcrossing.com both got my interest, alright.
I wouldn't call it an addiction (yet), but it's certainly high up there.
Inspiration explosion, at any rate. :)

I also still had lots to tell about the week I so spontaneously spent in Egypt:
I heard only roughly 30 hours in advance that I had a ticket with my name on it going to Cairo one Saturday, and coming back the next.
I signed in some friends over there to make some time for me.
I did some last minute gift shopping.
And I dropped Luna off at the best Cat Sitter I know (besides myself).

Why? You ask yourself.
Easy. My aunt (of 50+) was getting married for the first time.
After meeting the guy (who has lived more than 20 years in the States) in December? They got engaged in January, and now, married in February. :)
(Rushing things much? Up to everyone to decide for themselves, nay?)
For us to be able to attend the wedding, which was very important for her, she asked dad to convey when we would be able to come over. Dad checked
my schedule, noticed a week of spring holiday (in which I had things planned, thankyouverymuch), and sent this bit of information back . They bent themselves in every possible curve to enable the wedding to occur within a two week notice. I say, good job. Good job indeed.

Also: Nobody can ever accuse me of being inflexible or not spontaneous!

And before I knew it I was in Zurich, Switzerland. And then in Cairo.
I only spent my Sunday at "home" all day, only accompanying my mum and sis to the doctor.
The rest of the week can be summarized as the following:
4 out of the 6 mornings busy ordering out Official papers/ college / passport things.
1 afternoon getting my accordeon and glasses fixed.
2 afternoons with Sara and Heba.
1 day and night with Jazz, and her kids and hubby.
1 evening for a birthday party and the bachelorette party.
(Sickness had by then hit me, badly. Bronchitis, cold, and a croaky old toad voice)
1 day.. THE day. The wedding. '
20 hours of traffic jam. ( I kid you not. )
20 hours of sleep max. ( I kid you not. )

I think the trip did little to improve my health.
Unless you're counting my mental health. It did loads good to that. :)

I totally need to blog more often.
So much more I want to share.
So much more I know I'm forgetting.

The Gypsy

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  1. It all starts with mental health, focus on that I'd say. For the rest, great spontaneous action, don't think, join the party, be it in Egypt. Good job!

    Koen XX