Monday, 9 May 2011

Easter and May

I'm not sure why I always type "Eastern".
I insist of adding that n to make it sound more.. something.
Not sure.

The weekend after Riga was Easter, though. Saw the family, like I would be (or so I thought) a lot, for a couple of weeks. May always starts with 14 birthdays in the first two weeks, mine being amongst them. There was my uncle singing the Matthäus Passion on Thursday (and Friday, but Thursday's the one we went to), Friday and Saturday evening church services, Sunday morning, easter morning, and easter brunch, before a barbecue at my cousin's and a sleep over, and a chillaxing day at the beach the day after. I do still abhor the sun.

The week after that I was thinking to myself I was in desperate need of a short holiday, when a lot of things happened at once.
1. I came down with a migraine that wouldn't leave me the hell alone for almost a week.
2. I lost my voice by absolutely not using it too much/too loudly.
3. I thought of visiting the doctor's so got sent to the physiotheraptist and got officially diagnosed with migraine.
4. I visited the dentist cause I thought that silly tooth ache might not be helping my headache much. Dentist found it necessary to send me to a jaw-physiotherapist (didn't know those existed), and a (quick!) endodormic therapy treatment thing I had scheduled next day. (Immediate, after all, is like quick.)
5. At the treatment/surgery thing I got well drugged, and didn't feel anything till they started cleaning. Suddenly pain shoots all through my root down to my throat and chokes me. Apparently my roots have been dissolving themselves. In two months, it's either hoping that stopped, or they're pulling (at least) that molar.
6. After all the bad news my body starting caving in. The moment I ate something wrong (at least, I think I did) I threw up night and day. Diarrhea as well. Total dehydration. Poor me.
7. All this and I'm still migrainish. Yes? Feeling sorry for me yet?
8. I rest/lay in bed or on couch all day, and come down with a fever.
9. There's such an incredible heatwave here (did I mention I hate warmth? I do not function well with warmth. At all) that the fever won't die down.
10. Am totally late with my period. Anyone dare joke about any possible pregnancy will get punched in the nose.
11. Am nauseous a lot since. Through pain, and warmth, and PMSing.
12. Felt a cold sore growing on my lip this last night.
13. Woke up with two cold sores (upper and lower, right hand side).

Good times.
NOW I'm in desperate need of a holiday.
And I'm sad I feel so horrible when I'm supposed to be having the best day of my year.
(Tomorrow's my birthday. I want presents. Hint, hint.)

The Gypsy


  1. I already have your present planned out I hope you like iiiiiit (all of my friends are giving me an enthusiastic green light, except I couldn't find any wildflowers because they mowed them all ;_;)

  2. That sounds terrible! D; I think all that pain you described is more than five times the physical pain I've felt during my whole life!
    Anyway, I wish you a very happy birthday! According to all that sickness info, it probably isn't a pleasant one, but I wish you all the best nonetheless! I guess you could always have the actual celebration some other day... o.o

  3. I know what you be going through to an extent..
    I had a molar removal operation about 32 days ago.
    Besides that I'd been seeing the dentist lots.

    There still be holes after the operation ,
    they sure take a while to close..

    But don't you worry ,these things will pass.
    This is a year of turmoil and transformation ,
    once we make it through it'll all be better :3